Day 29: Dialogue session

Dialogue is a major part of shows at The Frontroom.  After the workshop, Lisa Wilkens and possible area continued this with a public dialogue session.  Before the session, Lisa provided a set of keywords to respond to (appropriately organised into alphabetical order).

Hear the initial part of the dialogue (and how far the plan and decision to use alphabetical order was followed) here:

sole possession dialogue session

The conversation continued to cover topics including:

  • What are the issues for an audience in doing a cumulative show
  • What does the audience see at the final viewing
  • Is the idea of ‘creative control’ a contradiction
  • Does observing an artist working within their own work make that activity a performance and necessarily mean that the work then references the human body   thematically as well as literally
  • How does the negativity of the show’s themes of obsession and indecision and its use of material acquisition and accumulation rather than making affect the experience of the artist as a maker  

The subject of ‘identity’ led to a wide-ranging discussion starting from the unusual position of an individual using an abstract artistic identity such as ‘possible area’ in a visual art context.  It was agreed that this was in contrast with established practice in design, music and illustration where there is not the same contradiction between using an abstract name or brand (to assert an all-encompassing aesthetic identity and maybe sidestep any personal one) and artistic recognition.


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